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Ferrari Wallpaper

Some cars have gone into automotive history with the impressive brand perception they have created. When the names of these brands are pronounced, the concepts of prestige, power, innovation, engineering genius, design, luxury and money follow one after another. They are much more than just a vehicle, social status determiner, a sign of taste, a sign of car passion. Ferrari is one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to cars that mark the century and show prestige.

The first Ferrari was produced in 1929. The purpose of production is just to be on the race track. So basically the first Ferrari was produced as a race car. The first production outside of the race was in 1947. So the first Ferrari to be used on the highway was produced in 1947.

Hundreds of articles, books, press releases about the Ferrari brand have been studied. All of them somehow talk about Enzo Ferrari. Because the Ferrari brand is identified with Enzo Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari, whose name is written in the history of automotive in gold letters, lost its family in World War I and then devoted itself to motor sports. The famous racing driver first founded Ferrari as the Alfa Romeo racing team. Then a model that he designed as a race car was produced.

One of the names that come to mind when it comes to Ferrari is Michael Schumacher. The famous pilot is almost integrated with the brand, and they have achieved many years of success as a superior engine design and a superior pilot.

In the races of the period, each country represented a color. The color of Italy was red as you can imagine. Here comes Ferrari red from here.

Enzo Ferrari first wanted to use the symbol presented by the parents of Francesco Baracca, who served during the First World War. Baracca had this logo on the edge of the plane he used while flying towards death in 1978. Although there are various theories about this logo, Baracca came to Ferrari with his horse design, and Enzo gratefully accepted this image. This is how Ferrari’s famous prancing horse logo came to life.

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