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Rose Wallpaper

Roses, which fascinate him at the moment we meet, and leave many flowers with their scent, form and meanings, have been the subject of various myths for years.

For example; In Greek mythology, Eros rose calls the queen of flowers. In Roman Mythology, Venus’ son Cupid stings a bee one day. It is at this moment that the cupid Cupid accidentally turns his arrows into a rose garden. Roses will always remain a flower with thorns, as these arrows are stuck in their bodies. Then, when Cupid’s mother Venus begins to walk among these thorny flowers, she is told that the rose gets red with her foot bleeding.

Like humans, flowers have a unique character and language. The meaning and messages of the flowers also differ according to their types. While the meanings and stories of some flowers are associated with legends, some of the names and meanings of flowers have come to our days with anonymous aphorisms and have been accepted as such.

White color is the color of purity, innocence and clarity. In general, the rose is used for the expression of love and love, which is one of the most special emotions bestowed on man. White rose is used for love that stands out with its purity and naturalness rather than passionate love. At the same time, white rose is one of the indispensable flowers of wedding ceremonies.

If you are looking for a special flower type that will express your love in the most intensive way to that special woman you are passionately passionate about, this flower is undoubtedly another red rose. Red rose; “With great passion, with love, I love you more than anything.” means. That is why the first type of flower that comes to mind when a gift is called for a valentine is red rose. With the red rose, you can send the message “I Love You” to that special person.

Love is a very special feeling that develops spontaneously and where human control is not possible! Of course, this must also have a response. If you are sure of your feelings, but cannot know your girlfriend’s feelings and therefore want to give him a “I Love You” message, give him a Pink Rose! Because Pink Rose means “I like you”, “I like you very much”. At the same time, Pink Rose; It means “messages of gratitude, appreciation, admiration and condolences”.

Every person is literally a work of art and a masterpiece. The woman you love and fall in love with is the pearl of your heart, unique on earth. When you gift Blue Rose to your lover, you give the message that he is a unique person, how special and precious he is in your eyes! If you are thinking of a flower for your lover, you can make him a bouquet of flowers from Blue Roses.

Orange Rose; She expresses charm, enchanting beauty and admiration for Him! Isn’t everyone in love already admired by their lover?

Because giving a yellow rose to the woman in a relationship means “Jealousy”. However, when you give this elegant flower to your friends and your friends, there is a considerable shift in its meaning. Because this time, the yellow roses mean that your relationship with your friends will be long lasting and your love and friendship will be very strong.

A painful, sad farewell to the loved one with Black Rose! What color red, yellow, blue, green is normally a “black” color, but it is also an expression of colorlessness. Farewell, separation, losing and “heart pain” are expressed in black roses. As you know, black is the color of death and mourning. Therefore, black is dominant in clothes and wreaths worn at funerals. Black Rose is an indication that a great pain and sorrow have been felt after the beloved but deceased person.

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