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Sırıtan emoji

Grinning emoji

It is the most used emoji, it gives happiness and is used in every way: It is used only to report something that you are excited about greeting, or to open the mood of a short message.

Üç kalplı gülen yüz

Three heart smiley faces

A face that fell in love and expressed something very liked. That romantic emoji expresses the issues of the heart.

Yılbaşı şapkalı ve parti flütlü surat

Face with christmas hat and party flute

This was a strange party, man! ”Or“ There is something to celebrate ”. Whatever joyful event is pending, it is properly celebrated. It could also be the carnival icon.

Uzatılmış dil

Extended language

Tongue elongation is a mischievous gesture and a childish challenge. It can be used to strengthen a joke made to anger or provoke. I’m in a good mood and having fun! Or “I was kidding!” It also means.



I am getting married! Refers to the bride herself, a marriage or a wedding soon. It can be used for invitations, wedding anniversary, celebration planning or those looking for a wedding dress.

Each emoji has its own unique character. Choose the emoji that reflects your own mood.

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